Friday, April 30, 2010

wakka wakka


To the point that isn't the least lesser, I'm going to skip talking about the awesomeness of the dangling dead men (boiling BRAINS!!); if I had a brother that was naked covered in fecal matter and was at the same time putting it into his mouth like a snickers bar, I would put him in a cage and have people pay to see him.

Now to the main point, the blog, Judge just seems to be a walking Google, he seems to be omniscient. This only makes his character better. He speaks German too. What can't Judge do? Eat fire? Judge is my favorite, even though yet ANOTHER little girl disappear. He is also good with his words, as we already know, the Lieutenant just goes away after Judge says his mumbo jumbo. He squeezed a mans head, I imagine this is the same concept as squeezing a nice orange for the juices.

"Glanton watched them go with dark misgiving." I don't get it, was Glanton worried about what was possibly in the church? aside from an almost dead man.. And why is a buttplate on his thigh? More importantly what is a buttplate? click hur. Of course Glanton is racist, "I don't like to see white men that way" It was 184something, everyone was racist.

Sir James Miller, I thought that it was un-nice of the other men not to help him with his saddle; but they are all grown men, I'm sure they know he can do it all by himself. I liked how they just forgot about the horse and had an extra, like those Walgreen's commercials. If the bulls were old because of their branding, and it dates back to the Spanish, how old is old? The life expectancy of a bull is [XX]. Which only makes the old factor of the bull seem less.

The list at the beginning of the chapter I wrote "space turd" under meteorite, I think I'm psychic, McCarthy used the word turd this chapter, there's a connection. On a more serious note, I couldn't really figure out why McCarthy would use the word turd instead of sticking to excrement, which is what he called it the second time. The only thing I could come up with that didn't defy all of McCarthy logic and writing that we've learned so far is, he just wanted to, no reason, he just did it... or did he? let that spew in your mind.

Everyone was NOT black, there lied the mistake, thinking everyone was black. Owens is under the assumption he has the upper hand, then BLAM! dead; don't mess with a man with a gun, especially if he's black. now? They're too comparable to the company.

girthstraps - also called a girth or cinch, it's used to hold the saddle still while in use.

this says absolutely nothing, I wanted to play with the fonts. I laugh at you if you actually translated this [STUFF]

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