Monday, April 26, 2010


Chapter onethree; long chapter nothing in it to write home about but fairly eventful.

One thing I don't get, well 2, first of all what in the wide world of sports is wrong with the governer?! "... [Trias] was much like the sorcerer's apprentice who could indeed provoke the imp to do his will but could in no way make him cease again." He lets the company completely trash the town like an 80's rock group would a hotel room. I understand they're killing indians but there are limits to even the worst of people; or there should be. And the other thing I don't understand is the number of scapls they have. 1,000 + a lot more they killed = 128 + 8 heads? Math was never my subject but this just can't be right. The whole purpose of this is for the money, or did they run out of room to carry the scapls as they traveled, i dunno.

"The Scalphunters stood grinning at the dames, churishlooking in their shrunken clothes, sucking their teeth, armed with knives and pistols and mad about the eyes." Imagine about 20 men, many with pieces missing here and there from different extremities, scars a galore, tattoos, brandings, faces of a mad men, and large (muscular/bulky?). There is nothing to fear but the freaks themselves.

One part I just loved about the first night they ripped the town to pieces is Jackson's drunken quest 171 "Jackson, pistols drawn, lurched into the street vowing to Shoot the ass off Jesus Christ, the longlegged white son of a bitch". I laughed at the thought of a black man wanting to kill Jesus.

Before the company gets so far in the dinner meal they are toasting left and right which turns "into obscene pledges to the whores of various southern cities." These men just get better and better (no sarcasm).

pg 172 "what had been and what would never be alike" uhh..what?

Gondwanaland(172) - 200 million years ago it was the name of southern precursor supercontinent.

Harpie(Harpy) Eagles(175) - nontropical eagle.

pg 179 "the judge was like a cat" So he's a demon with cat like qualities, it is all coming together now. This excerpt is describing how he was when he was stabbing folk trying to run for the door. Nothing new happens to/with Judge, nor kid.. and that makes reading super annoying.

pg 176 - Toadvine has some sort of encounter and they get stuck for 2 days, what happened exactly?

aloft putrescent ennui retinue sutured

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