Thursday, April 29, 2010

chappin 15

So, in the beginning there was light, no..joke. The company gets another contract, with the town of Sonora. which is the best thing that happens to the company as far as this chapter is concerned. Men in the company are killed, 7 are wounded and 4 are incapable of riding. What i don't get is that they kill two of the Delaware, aren't the Delaware valuable to the men as a group? confusion takes over. One other thing I thought was remotely neat, puh-guh 204 "two weeks out they massacred a pueblo on the Nacozari River and two days later as they rode towards.." it's like "oh, btw we killed more people in cold blood.

Poor Shelby, so maybe he's close to his death and all but that's just the most pitiful thing, in my opinion. the "less conversation Kid has with Shelby and Tate is mlehh - translation: it got annoying and i got lost easily.

What was the deal when Kid caught Judge looking at him so he changed arrows? & what was the the purpose of the arrow selecting? AND why did the Delaware take arrows from people? This was a section of i dont know whats going on.

The snow Kid endures reminds me of that book part we read in eng 3, the title ecsapes me... But i felt bad for him, a room that is 68 degrees feels bad enough, much less being covered in snow.
When he finds the company again its like they're mad at him, thinking he got the easy way out.

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