Tuesday, April 27, 2010

chapter 14

I'm starting to like Glanton and his men less and less; Judge is the only one thats still remotely likable, aside from the kid but he isn'tdoing much of anything in the novel right now.Pg 186 "...and lightning rang the stones about and tufts of blue fireclung to the horses like incandesent elementals that would not bedriven off."This parade that they have, I can't tell if they're mocking Jesus orpraising him, pg 190 - "and a horsedrawn cart that bore a rude Christin a stained and ancient catafalque." but then pg 191- "the villagersknelt and blessed themselves and some stepped forward and touched thegarment the figure wore and kissed their fingertips." So I'm assuminghe word ride isn't meant to be negative towards the idol.All Judge needs is a windowless van and he'll have the 21st centurychild kidnapping, raping, and murder down pat. "[Judge] had filled hispockets with little candy deathsheds and he sat by the door andoffered these to children passing on the walk under the eaves but theyshied away like horses." no candy is worth sodomy.Judge really creeped me when he started stuffing the birds. But in away I can kind of see his point of view on the whole "the freedom ofbirds is an inslut to me. I'd have them all in zoos." birds areanimals that are the most free out of any species there is; I mean,they can fly, it does kind of suck to be watching the birds and seehow easy they go from one place to the next; you can only wish youcould do the same. One other thing that Judge said that I was 100%shocked by, in a good way though "whatever in creation exists withoutmy knowledge exists without my consent." I immediately made aconnection between Judge and God. Not that he is god or a god, butthat train of thought is similar to that of God's way of functioning.
Glanton is really starting to get on my nerves, okay, he's a drunkcaballero who's bad side you don't wanna get on, but theres a pointwhen its jut too much. It's like "Glanton, we get it; you're bad anus,but chill and stop wasting bullets in your drunken rampage." Justlike Judge said, "..the smallest crumb can devour us."Toadvine has questioned Judge twice about his journal thingity;everytime he does it reveals more and more aboutt Judge and his logic.Judge is a very smart man, i thinm ves going to tale Glantons role orGlandon is going to dig his own grave very soon.

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