Thursday, April 29, 2010

April 29, 2010

I didn't like this chapter all that much. Pretty slow, not much to talk about, but there were a few interesting sections.

Okay, so, it's about the last week of Dec.... and Elias comes for them. What the heck? He's from Sonora and they are working under a Sonoran contract... They killed the peaceful Indians though so maybe that's why? Anyways, Elias and his army really mess up Glanton's plans....They had 4 wounded men and killed them... brutal... but what are you gonna do? Can't take them with you, especially not while your fleeing and army of angry Sonorans.

The kid is most talkative in this chapter, and even then, he only speaks a little. I wrote in my book that he's a "man" of few words... he's also brutally blunt. I especially like where he's talking to Shelby and shelby says "this is a terrible place to die." Then the kid says "Where's a good one?" I don't think I'd go to the kid for any encouragement, but I wonder if I would prefer bluntness and truth over sugar-coated unlikely hopes. The kid is still nice despite that. even after Shelby tries to steal his gun (and most likely shoot him, though that wouldn't help them in the least...) he still shares his water with him as Elias's army is riding upon them on the horizon. Is this kindness natural to the Kid, as his personality, or part of his youth and innocence (what little he's got)? About this time, "A dark over cast was moving down from the north and the wind was up." Somewhat cliche.

Judge is once again creepy.... but at least this time he doesn't do anything. First, he's smiling at the Kid while he's sleeping on his horse like "the world were pleasing even to him alone." Then he gets the kid to help him go out in the dark...alone... and help him kill a horse.

Something that confused me was when the judge "halted and stepped down and pushed over one of the heads with his boot. As if to satisfy himself that no man stood buried in the sand beneath it." First, where are the bodies then? Second, why does judge care if there's a body beneath it? and third, Who's heads are these?

At the end, it says the men star setting sparks around them as they're laying to get warm. Are they setting a fire around them? Are they glowing? What?

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