Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another Example of Terrible Decision Making that will Result in a Loss of Credit

I think the red was such a big hit, I'll try blue. And i associate the number sixteen with blue, so win-win right? right.

(FOR FUTURE REFERENCE, IF I HAVE TO WASTE MY TIME EDITING ANYONE ELSE'S POST BECAUSE OF INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT, LANGUAGE, SLANDER ISSUES, OR USING INDECIPHERABLE COLORS THAT RESULT IN ME HAVING TO EDIT YOUR HTML CODE, I WILL SIMPLY DELETE SAID POST AND ASSIGN A ZERO TO THE POSTER - THANKS, THE MGMNT) The judge seems to know everything about everything. He has a lecture pertaining to anything even the slightest bit out of the ordinary that the group comes across. And this backs up the claim of the judge being the devil and knowing everything, but I'll shut up about that because we've talked about that enough. But as judge and a few pals approach an abandon church, it is said Glanton "watched them go with dark misgiving." I guess this is foreshadowing, but it didn't occur to me until after the group came across the hermits. I don't know why he would be apprehensive about something like going into an old church. I mean, there were people in there but they were of no threat.

The dead scouts part was really disturbing. "the brains bubbled in the skulls and steam sang from their noseholes." It's really sick, and kind of poetic. Did it say who killed the scouts? I guess it was the Apaches, but if these Apaches were so barbaric, why did they talk to the Americans instead of just kill them?

I love how the groups movements are described as "a certain sequence as in a child's game yet with some terrible forfeit at hand." The, if you will, JUXTAPOSITION OF ANTITHETICAL ELEMENTS (a child's game, death) does all sorts a' good. And maybe it is like a game to the guys. Child's play. These guys are calm, they know what they're doing, no big deal.

"There was nothing about these arrivals to suggest even the discovery of the wheel." Probably the coolest way of saying "They're primal," I've ever heard. These savages are stuck in a time millennia past. Ha! Look at these guys. No wheels...

And how manipulative this judge guy is. Lieutenant Gimp comes in pointing fingers and judge scares him away. Just with some tough words. All up in his grill. And then the lieutenant is "stunned at the BALDNESS of these disclaimers." I thought this was funny because the judge is bald (I even wrote it in my book). yep.

And since you broskis showed me how to do the links and whatnot, I'll do one (1)!

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