Thursday, April 29, 2010

Señor Burbujas

Hey you guys. I'm doing this blog in red. It seems much spicier. woo.

So the wounded are sitting around, holding everyone back with their negativity. How do they off them? A freaking club to the skull. I guess back then that's the equivalent of a friendly gunshot to the head. I just can't imagine not being the first one, knowing my turn to catch the bat with my face is coming up shortly. But then, we see a very touching moment with Shelby. I think the line "[Shelby] was from a prominent Kentucky family and had attended Transylvania College and like many another young man of his class he'd gone west because of a woman," really makes this scene. You can't help but feel bad for the poor little fella; he's no choice but death. And we can say we're not afraid of dying, but when it's up close, breathing on your neck, I think we all would break down and cry. Although, the scene's intimacy is kind of diminished by the trading of "you son of a bitch."

Errp. I took note of a simile "like paper birds upon a pole." He's comparing birds... with birds. Why couldn't he just say "as though they orbited about a pole," or something? To reiterate birds seems kind of unnecessary. But if it's the paper part that matters so much, he could at least say like a paper airplane or something. It just doesn't work with this guy.

"The sun shone solely on the rocks where he stood." This is talking about the kid after he's escaped the men on the mountain. It kind of seems like... a god, sort of. Or like Moses coming down from Mount Sinus (ha...), the sun shining all majestic like and such. The kid is god, the judge is the devil! Yeah, no. Let's not get into that.

"Like a burnt carcass of some ungodly beast[!]" Yay. That was the best line of the chapter. Turns out it was just a load of scalps, right? But why were they burned? What was wrong to where they couldn't be exchanged for profit? derpa.

The kid is said to be weakened by his "fast." Fasting is usually a voluntary thing, so it's pretty snifty to see his struggle and lack of food described as, what like a religious decision or something.

And maybe in second place for coolest thing: the kid getting all awesome when he says "You think I'm afraid of him?" Yeah, I'd say anyone sane (and insane for that matter) person should be rightfully afraid of the judge. But hey, tough guy, go get 'em. Champ. That's all I would like to say.

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