Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blood Meridian Chapter 16

Well, this chapter was actually a little different. We got to see the much calmer and more civilized side of the Americans. When they're not killing Apaches and Mexicans, they're actually pretty nice fellows.

I have to say, the best part of this chapter was when Jackson shot the racist guy through the head. The only thing I can say is that he had it coming. If you're going to be racist, don't be racist towards a black guy with a bad attitude and a powerful gun. Pretty bad judgement on the shop owner's part. Again, McCarthy sucessfully paints a picture with his words. However, in this chapter, it's a little more grusome. McCarthy writes, "The big pistol jumped and a double handful (oh no not just one handful) of Owen's brains went out the back of his skull and plopped in the floor behind him (McCarthy 236)." Good job McCarthy; now I know what brains being shot out of a human skull sounds like (PLOP). This seems like a good lesson when you look closely. First of all, don't mess with a man with a gun. Secondly racism is bad m'kay? But seriously, McCarthy added this little racist segment to show how differences were settled back in the 1800's. If you truly didn't like a guy, you better be able to defend yourself after being a jerk.

Wow, in this chapter, the Judge actually acts like, well, a judge. He's very diplomatic and convincing when he's not squeezing a man's head so hard he kills him. Again, the Judge shows his intelligence when he quotes all of those latin guys and the terms of jurisprudence. (Jurisprudence = the science or philosophy of law (

One of the best jokes in the book is on page 239. The Judge says, "Has (the idiot) always been like that?" To which the man's brother replies, "Yessir. He was born that way." The Judge then says, "Were you?" Oh no he didn't....OH YES HE DID! OHHHHHH snap! Someone better call the fire department because someone just got burned! This shows the Judge's view of people that use others as a means to make money. The Judge wouldn't look to kindly at the idea of slaves. Or would he? Hmmmm.....

Big suprise, a little girl goes missing. Wonder who did it? Anyone got any ideas?

culverin = a mideval form of musket OR a kind of heavy cannon used in the 16th and 17th centuries (

Here's a picture of a bowieknife (remember the man who was looking for a fight? Page 232...**OwEmmgnHiZEC48qk9mYZP1PnbapFZagaQ12AsLO73Q*bP3MmSKOOaa4x7Vtqq6t4J8ajS7x0VU3OTT3vpz3KIhPbOj3d/bowie_knife_lg.jpg

Please forgive the super long link......


"The judge had his entire head in his grip like an immense and dangerous faith healer (McCarthy 238)." This is a pretty ironic statement since the judge had been familiarized with the devil and since faith healers arn't dangerous (this is a guess seeing as how I have never met a faith healer). Still very good use of description by McCarthy.

"...desert hummed like a snare drum (McCarthy 239)." This is pretty confusing. Is it humming because the horses are trembling? Another question to be discussed...

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