Monday, April 26, 2010

The title says it all. This was a great chapter. Fun for the whole family.

I don't think we've discussed this yet, but the chapters usually start off with a two or more page description of the scene and more often than not these scenes involve lightning outlining mountains. It's getting kind of stale to me, but whatever. I mean, they've been in the same situation for a long time, is it really necessary to keep saying it? It's necessary to describe the scene when the setting changes, for instance the jungle in the latter part of the chapter, but to reiterate the desert theme over and over is a bit tiresome.

More tastes of the judge's now blatant pedophilia. He's offering candy (candy deathsheads to be specific. Death's heads brings up several things on wikipedia, but the most reasonable is a cockroach. A candy cockroach. Makes sense. Kind of.) to the children while he sits in the shade. But don't stop there. Do some magic tricks (trix) first. Silly judge, trix are for pedophiles. Wait... never mind.

I've noticed in a lot of similes the author-man often compares animals with animals. Some examples: The pack mules-enormous rats; pulque filled hogskins-bloated swine (which is the same animal); wounded dogs-seals. I thought I had more examples but you get my point. So what's he trying to say? All animals are the same? Hmmmm maybe... No, probably not. Sometimes a simile is just a simile.

And more on the judge, sans the topic of raping boys. "Whatever exists in creation without my knowledge exists without my consent." He plans to rule over all things of this earth, because he will know all things of this earth. He would like to abolish autonomy and be supreme ruler over all things no matter how small. So is the judge the devil? I think the judge thinks he is the devil. The judge has a plan, and he may have everything figured out, but Toadvine is right in saying "No man can acquaint himself with everything on this earth." But hey, if the judge is the devil, he would be immortal, walking the earth for eternity, but is eternity enough time to acquaint oneself with every single organism and microorganism that lives within the earth? Eternity is a long time and if the judge is the devil eternity will last as long as it needs to for him to complete his mission. When that's over, who knows. But, oh well.

Then the Judge and Glanton in their suits. The judge sports a white suit while Glanton chooses the much more fashionable black. What does this all mean? Since when does the devil wear white? But black would've been too obvious. He should've just gone naked and psyched everyone out.

The packmules were carrying quicksilver, which is a cool name for mercury. Apparently it's used in mining gold. I don't understand it; I'm only a mining level 68. But here's a length for the more apt:

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