Wednesday, May 5, 2010

some lady just gave me a sausage biscuit

I automatically thought of the red haired lady singing and hanging clothes in 1984 near Winston and Julia's apartment room, then I think of that lady washing Simple Jack (Tropic Thunder) in the river singing like the girls did in O'Brother Where Art Thou, ...I watch too many movies.

Pg 257 "Damn if you aint a sorry specimen" said Sarah Borginnis to Idiot, Poor guy. If Idiot is stupid enough to get BACK into the water he automatically loses all right to live. And in chapter 19 I believe we learn why Judge saved him. Did I mention, it was a pantsless party.

Howitzer: short barrel cannon mostly sued for high angle shooting, Judge held this?! does only say twelvepounder.

Naked 12 year old girl, naked retard, naked pedophile, Judge is disappointing; at least he is consistant, but that's pretty sickening.

Glanton...died, it was foreshadowed in chapter 17, when McCarthy had him contemplating and being all seclusive, I figured it was about his time. It happened in the most un-epic way possible, though. I'm glad he's dead. Pg 275 "Hack away you mean red nigger" And not only was he cut from the crown of the skull to the throat, but they lifted up his body as if it were a prize then just tossed him into their fire like a log. And this is the life of a man named John.

Seeing how they didn't have handy bic lighters back then, cigars are the next best thing. Brown does it, killing about a dozen Yumas, awesome. Then Judge does it at the end, which is much less awesome, because he is ONCE AGAIN naked.

This is the first chapter( as far as I can remember) that so much time goes by, two days, one days, a month, so forth so on.

This Doctor guy, I don't really get why he stay for the ferry, Doctor job would pay more, right? But then the Yuma's take it over and a fellow Yuma, Callaghan, operates it for them. Little does he know within the next few days he'll be relaxing without a worry in the world (maybe he's worried about the vulture, but I don't think he minds now), and his head..

Brown dashes a bit of fire water on a guy and sets him on, you guessed it, fire. fun points for David Brown and his creativity as he escapes after being arrested.

When McCarthy describes Brown's gun I see this beautifully hand crafted weapon, purple barrel, reddish wood, gold inlaid name, platinum bands, and the locks on the hammers had scrollwork. I hate that he wants to cut the barrels so badly, but you just can't ruin a masterpiece.
"can't or wont?" "You pick the one that best suits you" I kept thinking Brown was going to decapitate this guy. "In the case of which I aim to take it out of your ass." ouch. Brown still gets his way, and manages to get away without being charged.

alcalde amassed abutments

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  1. twelve pounder means that it shoots 12lb balls, not that it weighs 12lb