Thursday, May 6, 2010

May 06, 2010 Blog Chapter 20

Pg 280, the kid's target practice. How far out are the Indians? Either way, it seems like he only missed once and then killed 3 one after another.

I like the quote on page 282. "those who travel in desert places do indeed meet with creatures surpassing all description." They are in "desert places" but I think that McCarthy means to imply that this applies to any situation in which people are completely alone. Perhaps in an mental desert, one faces many "creatures" or thought processes that would be impossible for anyone to follow but the thinker of the thoughts

Judge is still able to manipulate people naked, sunburnt, and weaponless using his latin. Page 283, he "quoted some term in latin." in order to further convince Toadvine to sell his hat to him. McCarthy later describes him as "some immense and naked barrister whom the country had crazed."

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