Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bananas in Pajamas!

I'm feeling fontsy

So this chapter was average, but the events that had to do with Judge (go figure) were was the highlight. Any who, both Tobin and Kid are injured, out of water, and are 2 miles ahead of a man that wants the both of them dead. I get that Judge isn't ever going to die, but why didn't Kid even try to shoot him? I've been expecting someone to try to hide the entire book, I can't believe it actually worked for them. Judge knew they were there because (I'm assuming) their tracks completely stopped. Judge was just kind of talking to the surrounding area knowing they could hear. "There's a flawed place in the fabric of your heart." when Judge talks it's like he's doing some old fashioned reverse psychology; putting Kid in the mind set that there is something wrong with him and he isn't acting like the "right kind of man" (maybe). Questioning his manhood, "Do you think I could not know?" he talks as if he has known this all along.

Once Tobin and Kid are found by the Indians McCarthy starts naming off a bunch of Indians(?). One with the phonetic name of Beetlejuice (Betelgeuse), and i saw no purpose what-so-ever for doing this. It was great that the Indians were good Indians; the "stew of lizards and pocketmice" makes your mouth water, right?
The part where the one Indian man reaches for Kid's gun was hilarious, it was like he was intentionally toying with Kid for amusement. I have absolutely no idea what they are saying when Espanol is being spoken, care to share?

On page 297 when McCarthy refers to the idiot as "his [Judge] drooling manciple" I really liked his word choice, it helped paint a better mental picture. And the idiot was just cracking me up, the sight of a very serious, very naked man with an almost midget dummy on a leash was perfect. Judge has useful items hanging from him almost everywhere. Here are some of the things he was carting around.


Quite a bit, dontcha think?

Some super-duper sentences with the word like in them

298 "The idiot squatted on all fours and leaned into the lead like some naked species of lemur.
303 "That day there was no sun and only a paleness in the haze and the country was white with frost and the shrubs were like polar isomers of their own shapes."
303 "In the morning they crossed a bed of thunderstones clustered on that heath like the ossified eggs of some primal groundbird."

295 shales - a fissile rock that is formed by the consolidation of clay, mud, or silt, has a finely stratified or laminated structure, and is composed of minerals essentially unaltered since deposition
locus - the place where something is situated or occurs
296 scalloped - a thin slice of boneless meat or fish (sand)
esker - a long narrow ridge or mound of sand, gravel, and boulders deposited by a stream flowing on, within, or beneath a stagnant glacier
297 sated - to cloy with overabundance
reconnoitred - to make a reconnaissance of (reconnaissance - a preliminary survey to gain information; especially an exploratory military survey of enemy territory)
purview - the body or enacting part of a statute


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