Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Blood Meridian Chapter 18 + (cos(19)^3)/cot(2)......not really sure if this equals 19 but the answer is indeed 19....

Very disappointed....I was expecting Glanton to die in some furious fire-fight in where he takes out a mass of people only to die in the end. Oh well, we still have the Judge to count on!

I don't blame the Yumas for running. If I saw the Judge nude holding a cannon next to the idiot and a naked 12 year old girl, I would run also. Also, the Judge was HOLDING the cannon! Those things have to weigh over like 500 pounds!
A question...Why is the idiot in the tent with the Judge? We know he likes little children (hence the 12 year old girl) but why the idiot?

We all knew Glanton was going to be killed off. He had to be. McCarthy showed the common ending of a leader when he had Glanton killed by the Yumas. It was predictable that some sort of Native was going to kill him. Plus, Glanton's final words were great, "Hack away you mean red nigger (McCarthy 275)." Perfect! Definitely the best thing he could have said. McCarthy hopefully got some of his ideas from watching awesome one-liner movies like Predator (STICK AROUND!). Having Glanton die was fitting, however the way he died was very anti-climatic. First of all, he was sleeping. He wasn't even ready for the Yumas and he didn't even shoot anyone. I was expecting him to shoot at least a couple of Yumas before being hit in the throat.

McCarthy doesn't really describe anyones facial expressions or inner feelings. The only way he has done so so far is by making people spit when they are either angry or in deep thought. He does this to show how evil and expressionless the Americans are since they kill for a living. Basically, the Americans have grown tough and mean after so many years of murder and hardship.

On page 273, McCarthy writes, "Someone had given the idiot whiskey mixed with sarsaparilla..." So who had the brilliant idea to get the idiot drunk? Seriously guys? Well, it's actually really funny! It's awesome how it actually healed him somewhat, "...This thing which could little more than walk had commenced to dance...(McCarthy 273)" We have finally found the cure for retardation, WHISKEY!

It seems that, as the group and other travelers migrate west, they get crazier and are less likely to live. A good simile is on page 272. "(Glanton) some storied hero toward what beast of war or plague or famine with what set to his relentless jaw." This is the view of other travelers as Glanton is riding back to the ferry. It seems like he's a hero because he is traveling in the other direction, toward the death and destruction.

Descriptive language?- "...he had also a mountain howitzer-a bronze twelvepounder with a bore the size of a saucer...(McCarthy 260)" Umm...that's a pretty big gun! I'm amazed that even the Judge could hold it in one arm!

Metaphor- "(the washing of the idiot-Chapter 18) A birth scene or a baptism or some ritual not yet inaugurated into any canon (McCarthy 259)." This metaphor gets progressively more religiously intense, starting with a birth then going to a ritual. This emphasizes the religious preference of Sarah Borginnis.
Here is a picture of an engraved 1800's shotgun. Engraved guns were incredibly valuable in the early 1800's because machines weren't made to do the art mechanically. Instead, artiseans had to engrave the guns by hand, a delicate trade that needed the steady hands of a surgeon, the metal knowledge of a ferrier (book reference), and the colorful imagination of an artist.

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