Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mr. Rud has a twin, they're 100% identical

I'm curious as to why the Yumas didn't even make an attempt to go after Toadvine and Kid, I mean it's good for their sake, but you would think they would at least try. On page 277 "there was no place the sun would not find him and only the wind could hide his tracks" the only reason I can think that they would even be worried about their tracks is in case of the Yumas possibly coming after them. They don't talk to each other much either, "got any water?" "not much" I guess that sort of thing doesn't require much talking, Toadvine could always just check for himself.

Kid tells Toadvine, three times, to go on and to leave Kid to die. But Toadvine stays, this could be because Toadvine is attached to Kid, as a father figure kind of thing; or it is because he knows Kid is a great shot. Kid has amazing aim, he kills a Yuma about 100 yards away, and you have to add the factor of the guns accuracy, back in that time.

When Toadvine and Kid get to the well where there is a figure, at first I thought it was going to be Judge, but it was just Tobin, the not even a real expriest.

at first Toadvine and Kid are running, getting away..from Judge. I hate that the tables have turned on them; Judge wants to kill the two of them. He wants to kill everyone, everyone in the company. Judge has pulled a total 180.

I was shocked when Kid shot at Judge, but super glad when he missed, it was an INTENSE moment.

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