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April 23, 2010 Blog Chapter 12

McCarthy describes the mens souls "conjoined" and the communal soul as "wastes hardly reckonable more than those whited regions on old maps where monsters do live and where the is nothing other of the known world save conjectural winds." I'm not sure I get this entirely. Is this saying that the mens souls were so impure that they would be less understood than empty spaces on maps where monsters live?

McCarthy's sick sense of humor...."Some, by their beards, were men, but yet wore strange menstrual wounds betweeen their legs." Wow.... enough said. Then he says, "No man's parts for these had been cut away and hung dark and strange from out their grinning mouths." Were their phalluses (phalli?) put in their mouths after they were killed? If so... wow...-er...

The expriest asks if "some might not see the hand of a cynical god conducting with what austerity and what mock surprise so lethal a congruence. Cynical- Showing contempt for accepted standards of honesty or morality by one's actions, esp. by actions that exploit the scruples of others. So Tobin thinks that God's workings are harsh and surprising and, as a result, deadly; and Tobin thinks that God does this because he wants to deviate from social standards.

Page 153, third paragraph, Last sentence (which is half the paragraph). What does all that mean? We were talking yesterday about the tree falling in the woods; Holden says "For what could be said to occur unobserved?"

McGill's talent with the horse was awesome. He clings to the bottom to watch the skyline while the horse is galloping. Horses aren't exactly smooth in their movements, making that even more impressive. Shame he dies though...

Sat his horse: From what I could find, this just means being able to stay on the horse while it's moving, which doesn't make sense in the book really...

The village held 1000 people and they were all killed by 19 men with only one loss.... dang.... They killed babies!

Enfilade- a position of works, troops, etc., making them subject to a sweeping fire from along the length of a line of troops, a trench, a battery, etc.
Fontanel- one of the spaces, covered by membrane, between the bones of the fetal or young skull.
Remuda- a group of saddle horses from which ranch hands choose mounts for the day.
Set triggers on a rifle- A set trigger allows a shooter to have a greatly reduced trigger pull (the resistance of the trigger) while maintaining a degree of safety in the field. There are two types: Single Set and Double Set

Ah, more imagery- In those dark pools there sat each a small and perfect sun, describing the chief.

chaparral- dense growth of shrubs or small trees
paloverde- a spiny, desert shrub, Cercidium floridum, of the legume family, of the southwestern U.S. and mexico, having green bark.

Holden says, "I'll write a policy on your life against every mishap save the noose." Is a policy like life insurance? Then, why don't any of the men want to help Brown with the arrow? Then Tobin scolds the Kid for helping him....????
It said meridian again: "...the meridians of chaos and old night..."

Phantasmagoria- a changing scene made up of many elements. (also a strange looking band....

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