Wednesday, April 21, 2010

chapa 10

Can I have 58 Apache looking people and let them be murdered at the foot of a volcano?'s okay, my dad said no too.

Tobin, a man of many words and metaphors; that has a borderline obsession with a large, hairless, and naked at times man. Sir Judge is strange enough as it is, I honestly don't think he minds. Laughter aside, I think Tobin and Judge just had a past together, Tobin knows Glanton as well but no where near as much as he intimately knows Judge man. pg 123: "He's an uncommon love for the common man and godly wisdom resides in the least of things so that it may well be that the voice of The Almighty speaks most profoundly in such beings as lives in silence themselves" I think Tobin is referring to Judge's spirituality, saying that he is a quiet man, and if you've ever seen Boondock Saints (go watch it) you can understand a little better as to how believers of such religion can justify murder just as easily as everyone else can. Tobin is an expriest, he rid the world of the wicked big bad freaky injins. Judge is the same minus the naked part..i just don't get that, I’m sure being naked all the time could be a refreshing experience, but really? get a Tarzan cloth or something.

I can definitely see, without a doubt how Glanton and Judge can get along and befriend one another so well, they're impulsive, or maybe it's rational. Everything they do, they do for a reason and McCarthy put it all in there for a reason; so I'll be involuntarily impatient and wait to find out what these reasons are.

As for Judge's gun, Et In Arcadia Ego means "And I (too) in Arcadia." Arcadia is a region in Greece; the region was named after a Greek god, Arcas, son of Zeus and Callisto. Callisto was a nymph, who wanted Artemis, but Zeus wanted his way, blah blah blah, Zeus has 5478 kids anyway.

It was good to find some things out about the Judge, but the chapter still left ya (you just doesn't fit when you say it) hanging a bit.

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