Thursday, April 22, 2010

golden grams are the equivalent of cardboard

Laaaaaaaame, boring, snoozefest, bleh.

This chapter was nothing, no one lost their scalp, sheesh, and no one even got a splinter. It wasn’t entirely futile; but I didn’t really learn anything about any of the characters and nothing adventureistic happened. Kid, where did Kid go? It’s good to steer away from the main character sometimes or is Judge going to share this main character title with Kid?

When Judge starts talking about bests, aliens, and the wild, I was confused, that paragraph pg 138 doesn't make all that much sense.. It makes Judge sound philosophical, and I like that in a character; when smarts or some sense of intelligence comes with some one that could very possibly kill you with a toothpick, it's neat. No one wants to be killed by a big dummy, right?

Half-naked or naked, the Judge is almost always doing something quasi freaky. "He is a draftsman as he is other things, well sufficient to the task." Judge is like the perfect person, aside from no hair, possible sodomy (?), and the devil evilness connection “bats came from some nether part of the world to stand on leather wings like dark satanic hummingbirds". One thing about the evil connection though, Judge is religious... he talks of God in positive, realistic ways, Judge being evil doesn't add up.

Glanton! He is prideful, and "roofless" [I seent it!]. "I can man anything that eats." If someone gave me jerky I’d follow them around too.

The story about the traveler, the old man, and the old man's wife was odd. Judge told this story and I was waiting to hear that he was one of the characters, this resulted in disappointment.

There were probably 25 words in this chapter that I didn’t know, I enjoyed his word choice in this chapter.

Gobbet – chunk-o-meat

Slaloming – a zigzag movement

Ubiquity - presence everywhere or in many places

Mescal - a usually colorless Mexican liquor distilled especially from the central leaves of maguey plants

Arcane – known or knowable only to the initiate.

Kivas - bats came from some nether part of the world to stand on leather wings like dark satanic hummingbirds."

The Alleghenies – All the information I get on this is the Appalachian Mountains; but the Alleghenies that Judge refers to are in the west. I don’t exactly know what he’s talking about, Google doesn’t either.

Old Hueco’s - “Hueco Tanks” is an area of low mountains in Texas.

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