Friday, April 23, 2010

Baby Injin Killing Techniques Olympics 2014!

Perfect amount of gore and yuck for this chapter. There were a lot of good metaphors in this chapter, such as pg 151 very bottom "...and in each flare of lightning as the storm advanced those self same forms rearing with a terrible redundancy behind them like some third aspect of their presence hammered out black and wild upon the naked grounds", pg 154 "the cloudbanks stood above the mountains like the dark warp of the very firmament and the starsprent reaches of the galaxies hung in a cast aura above the riders' heads." pg 164 "from time to time one of the company would dismount with rifle and wiping stick and the Indians would flare like quail" I searched YouTube for a video of flaring quails, and got nothing useful, just use your imagination.

I feel really bad for the Delawares, the entire company is pushing it as it is; but the Delaware are doing the extra riding and scouting, no fun. Then when they have to wade in the water for dead bodies in the lake, the thought of searching for corpses with my toes is vomit inducing.

Judge man, McCarthy doesn’t have to come out and say that Judge rapped the little Indian boy, but you know it happened. I understand that the Judge is a FREAK, but at least get a little Apache Indian girl, strange homo…

Glanton really got into this battle, as he does with every battle i guess. Anywho, I didn't understand at first why he was trying so hard to get the leader Indian, I hate to think how disappointed he was when he found out that not only it wasn't Gomez, but it wouldn't even pass for him.

The baby bash! i instantly thought of monster mash, just replace monster with baby, i think its a new hit. It would take some serious lack of morality much less a soul to bash babies heads into stones; sure it'd be awesome for the movies or things such as books; but when you think of all of the barbaric ways the company has killed Apache Indians it clicks how disturbed these men are.

harlequin(165) - a combination of patches on a solid ground of contrasting color.
desiccated(165) - to drain of emotional or intellectual vitality OR to dry up
phantasmagoria(163) - an exhibition of optical effects and illusions
paloverde(161) - any of several small spiny trees or shrubs OR jerusalem thorn
equestrian game(155) - games where players are on horseback

Niggard Acaia(151) - i got 10 different answers for this, lets google it.

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