Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chapta seven

There are a lot of good words in this chapter for vocabulary; there is also a large amount of Espanol, which only added to the confusion… Any who, this chapter was strange and I wasn’t ever really sure of why the juggler and his family were ever in the story, they were just simply odd. And the Jew, how could you not add a Jew into a western.

As far as characters go, I'm really starting to like Glanton; when he shoots up all of the animals right after they’ve loaded each of the guns, just imagine the look on everyone’s face. He seems like an impulsive and trigger-happy man, and shooting the older woman at the end only confirms such. One thing I don’t get is why he would shoot her and not at least have the decency to scalp her himself; it’s only fair. And Judge Holden is just pure trickery; by using large words and a lot of them he obviously befuddles the poor soul who probably can’t even read. As for the kid, I'm curious as to why he isn’t very active in this chapter, isn’t this a book about him?

Page 84-bottom “He adduced for their consideration references to the children of Ham, the lost tribes of the Israelites, certain passages from the Greek poets, anthropological speculations at to the propagation of the races in their dispersion and isolation through the agency of geological cataclysm and assessment of racial traits with respect to climate and geographical influences... I am lost at this point; I don’t understand why this is being said, who is saying it and whom it is being said to.

This chapter had a few good parts, it was fairly easy to read and get through, but it certainly wasn’t a very exciting chapter.


Scabbard (n): a sheath for a sword, dagger, or bayonet

Interlocutrix (root word: interlocutor) someone who takes part in a conversation

As for the Six Shot Colt’s Patent Revolver, I was curious to see what these guns looked like; they’re pretty plain. http://collections.mnhs.org/cms/display.php?search=civil+war&CivilWarCategory=A02F&irn=10270447

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