Tuesday, April 20, 2010

chapter 8

The setting you are given for the cantina is dreary and creepy. This would not be the sort of place I would want to get my alcohol fix from, especially in a foreign country. This cut throat guy here, he has every where else in this world to go besides with a table of men- one of which did this cutting of said throat-who are probably not all that interesting in the first place. It says a lot about the man’s character I suppose.

I don’t understand why Kid is Texas, is he using that as word play because he believes he is from Texas? Is he calling him Texas because he is fighting for Texas? I don’t know, this just intrigued me.

Using deductive reasoning, I figured out that Madre de Dios = Mother of God. But everything else that is in Spanish after that is just babble as far as I can comprehend.

I really liked the way that the old man talks of Mexico, that it is a thirsty country and not but the blood of 1,000 Christs will do. It kind of helps you throw things into perspective as far as Mexico of 1840’s. Even still isn’t it a raging murderous country, thought so.

PROBLEMATICAL – a real, live, official word. –adj of the nature of a problem; doubtful; uncertain; questionable. (I was told in one of my previous English papers that it wasn’t something I could use..)

Jackson killed Jackson in what I would call a sneaky-yet-at-your-face-quick-slice-kind-of-kill (I did not make that up…yes I did.) the fact that all of the men just let him sit there all decapitated and what not was kind of odd. I can understand not wanting to do anything with the body because you wouldn’t want to touch something like that.. but don’t just leave his body there for all to see! And I don’t care if they thought it wrong to take someone’s boots, the man is HEADLESS, what is a little boot thievery compared to taking his head?

Animas Peaks – a small mountain range in southwestern New Mexico. Named after a nearby town.

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  1. Google "spanish passages in Blood Meridan" and you will find them translated for you and the page number on which they appear.