Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Regeneration through violence

Now knowing the main character and a few details of his past, perhaps the "regeneration" is that of the main character after experiencing all that he has with his father, that is currently not described.

An afterthought that occurs to me, looking back and seeing, "All history present in that visage, the child the father of the man." What does this mean?


  1. i didn't understand that line either. also didn't understand: "NIght of your birth. Thirty-three. The Leonids they were called. God how the stars did fall. I looked for blackness, holes in the heavens. The Dipper stove." This is the second paragraph of the book and I don't know if the Kid's father is talking or what, but the absence of quotations and commas make the paragraph (and much of the chapter) in-cogent to a point. I guess it's the freedom of writing though.

  2. I think it means that who that chid is now has already determined who he will be as an adult. The child is the father of the man he will some day become. The first 10 to 15 years of life determine who you are and you can't really change that, unless you get some serious psychological help :)