Wednesday, April 7, 2010

i just saw {my grade drop a point for mocking students online}

Chapter One:

The short list at the beginning of the chapter couldn't even begin to ruin the chapter as a whole. Even though I read the list I had to re reread every paragraph to get what was going on.

I really like the main character, as far as his actions in the first chapter go. This kid is impulsive, mean, violent, and above all else, 14 years of age. He's been shot, has run away, kicked a man's face in, burnt a hotel to tickle his devious little fancy, and escapes on a mule. Tell me can you do all of that and still sound extremely awesome? No, because you aren't the Bruce Campbell among tweens in the 30's-40's era.

No quotations, I for one am just fine with this. The fact that there aren't any is annoying to say the least, but it makes me have to re-read the words, which isn't all that terrible because I'm already reading it more than once. McCarthy's lack of punctuation is inspiration to those who hate extra things like capitalization, quotations, and commas.

Back to this 'kid', he worked in a sawmill. That reminds me of the scene in Walk the Line where little Johnny's brother gets half eaten by a sawmill. Any who, he also works in a diptheria pesthouse, sounds like a lavish job, wouldn't you say? I wasn't sure if it was supposed to be diphtheria, the disease illness thing, with the spelling being different and all.

The vividness you create in your mind when you read about the boys going upstairs and starting the fire only gets more intense as you paint the mental picture of Toadvine slowly forcing his thumb into Old Sidney's eye socket. That miniature fight scene was the highlight of the chapter; well, aside from Judge Holden having a man killed from false charges. Maybe Rev. Green looked at the Judge with flirtatious eyes, we will never know. But we know from the bulk and baldness that Judge Holden is not someone to mess with; neither is the kid.

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