Thursday, April 8, 2010

Blog 08-04-10 Chapter 3

Wow, what a let down chapter... I was expecting something... more... especially after a pretty boring chapter 2.

The kid lies a lot in this book, not only about little things, but about big things too. Things like blaming the drovers he met for attacking and robbing him. Such a lie could turn out very badly for any group of mixed racial people in the area, not just the one's he accused.

The Captain's speech on the Mexicans sounds very similar to a redneck today talking about middle easterners. "There's no God in Mexico." talking about going to Mexico to govern because they can't govern themselves, and only enlightened Mexicans encourage such ideas.

I was surprised at how much the kid got for that mule! A saddle, a bridle, a saddle blanket, and fixed his shoes plus money left over.

The Mennonite's words were ominous. He's crying (whether angry or sad, I don't know) when he says, "The wrath of God lies sleeping. It was buried a million years before men, and only men have power to wake it. Hell ain't half full. Hear me. Ye carry the war of a madman's making into a foreign land. Ye'll wake more than the dogs." This is creepy... If I were to have witnessed an old, crying Mennonite talking about the wrath of God, I'd be a little wary of going across the border, but the recruits just laugh at him and he says, "...and how else could it be?"

The next morning, one recruit is dead, laying in a pool of his own blood, when suddenly the Mennonite shows up again saying, "There is no such joy as in the tavern as upon the road thereto." and then walks away... creepy guy...

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