Wednesday, April 14, 2010

fever+no internet+just got to school=no drop on grades?

Chapter 4
Just imagine, being in Mexico, it’s 1852, you’re on a horse with no name, rationed water, rationed food, no doc, no way to clean yourself, men dying from being sick, you can actually grow facial hair (for those of you still waiting to bloom) and shaving isn’t an option, on top of all that, you’re hunting Indians. I like how you can tell when Captain White is introduced that he isn’t going to last long; there are little clues that say he’s only important for a small portion of The Kid’s story. I don’t understand why the men let the wolves follow them, wouldn’t it make more sense to kill them for the meat instead of letting them scrape the unwanted items left behind by the men.
The majority of the chapter is dull, and only makes me thirsty. Then, then the climax, picture the intensity; arrows are flying, flutes are being played, the enemy is screaming barbaric gibberish, your comrades are being slain by the second, everyone on your side is being stripped of their clothes and some their innocents, sodomy…really?! Too much! Just too much. And the scalping is too Inglorious Bastards for my attention span; I had to watch it right after I read this chapter.
Have you noticed how long some of McCarthy’s sentences are? They’re ½ - ¾ of a page long.
His usage of the word ‘save’ drove me crazy; doing it a few times in your book is fine, 10 times in total. But it’s used at least 3 times per chapter; maybe it’s just me.

Chapter 5
Of course he lives, this disaster is barely a fourth of the way through the book. No main character dies so early. What strikes my curiosity about The Kid is that he was stealthy enough to get up silently and without being noticed and make it a good distance but he didn’t know he was being followed, that killed almost every bit of awesome and hero thing he had going for him, very disappointing. He rebuilds his credit as he scavenges in the rocks for water.
Sproule, poor guy is all I have to say. The way you see his arm in your mind hen he takes his shirt off to filter the water is the same sensation when I walk into a nursing home, its smells of feces and old; buy amplify that by a good 6 times and you have Sproule’s arm minus the maggots. If I were The Kid I would have been constantly thinking of ways to put this guy out of his misery. But the thing I admired about Sproule was his drive; he was in poor health condition, his arm needed to be whacked off, and he hadn’t eaten very much and was dehydrated, but he still managed to keep up, he deserves a realistically damaged but still functional award.
The Kid is so apathetic its admirable. Everything that occurs is just one more step on his ladder of misfortune (don’t tell me that’s a cliché, I made it up). He gets captured, I think, or maybe arrested is the better term. Anyhow, Kid is so chill, he doesn’t complain, doesn’t ask god why this is happening to him, he takes it all in and does what it takes to survive, I like this guy, he’s got his mind right.
Toadvine, this is the sort of thing that you know just doesn’t happen, ever, and it happens only because it’s a story and that’s what convenient.
It was a good chapter; it was uneventful but you learned a lot about the resourcefulness of Kid, with the way King has described McCarthy’s writing and how every bit of it has a reason, I can’t help but think it’s going to have something to do with Kid in future bookness.

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