Sunday, April 11, 2010

Blog 11-04-10 Chapter 4

This chapter was very disturbing. From the beginning, it became gradually darker and depressing as they ventured through the Mexican desert. I found the detail about the "staining" of the food sacks by the dieing soldiers in the wagon sickening. Why did they put dead people in their food? There was a reference to a spirit level. We talked about this last semester, I think, during Of Mice and Men? I can just imagine a little guy following the army across that desert. I wonder what happened to him...When they came upon the abandoned house with the crazy guy, the Captain told someone to look for forage, the soldier replied, repeating "forage" as a question. The captain repeated himself. What was the significance in this? I thought the soldier was acting uncertain, as if there was no "forage" to find. What happened to Candelario during the attack?
The attack was, by far, the worst thing that has happened thus far in the book. Scalping, disfiguring, castrating, and, above all, sodomizing the killed bodies!? Wow...

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