Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chapter 7

I don't know about anyone else, but I thought this chapter was slow and confusing. All these 5 dollar words and insanely long sentences distract me from the story. But that's just my opinion. On to the analysis.

I thought the part of Glanton playing with his new Colt revolver was pretty cool. It's taking a stereotypical thing from a western, the awesome revolvers, and turning it into something twisted when Glanton just shoots anything that moves. I'm actually surprised he didn't just shoot that Speyer guy, because for a second there I thought he would've. The quote, "the explosion in the dead silence was enormous. The cat simply disappeared." just shows how powerful those guns are, and the fact that it uses a rifle's charge is pretty amazing.

I thought it was pretty interesting when the authorities came after Glanton shot up the place, that the judge was convincing them to let them go I suppose. I don't understand most of that part, but I think that is what happens. Reading that part makes me think that the judge and Glanton are doing a Good Cop, Bad Cop thing here.

I didn't understand the part at page 84 where it says, "He adduced for their consideration references to the children of Ham, the lost tribes of Israelites, certain passages from the Greek poets, anthropological speculations as to the propagation of the races..." I'm going to take a guess and say the judge uses language or philosophy from these various cultures to persuade the authorities, but I'm not positive.

A good simile I found was on page 86, " the sun whitehot and the moon a pale replica, as if they were the ends of a common bore beyond whose terminals burned worlds past all reckoning." I think this means that the sun and moon were exactly opposite each other, that it seemed like something could intersect the planet through the two.

The part where Toadvine befriended Bathcat was pretty cool, but what kind of nickname is Bathcat. Seriously? I want to know how these people get their nicknames. Toadvine? Bathcat? Why don't you add Nighthawk and Keymaster to the list and call it a day. But anyways, I thought it was interesting that these two people were betting on which Jackson would kill which. It seems that these Jackson characters don't really mean much to anybody in this company, which is explainable because everyone is out here for some scalps. It's not really day camp.

I have no idea what the Vandiemenland is so I looked it up. Here is where you can find it. Yeah, it's wikipedia, but it looks pretty reasonable so im going with it. Really it's just a fancy way of saying you're from the island of Tazmania off the Southern coast of Australia.

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