Friday, May 14, 2010

¡Extra Early!

So, I kind of forgot how to do this blog stuff. It's been a while, but I'll remember asbestos I can. The chapter was very different in that it showed a huge passage of time (the kid is what? Twenty-eight at one point?). There's very little judge, maybe two pages, and we see the death of Toadvine and Brown. And Tobin is just... gone.

When the judge is talking to the kid in his jail cell, he says "What joins men together is not the sharing of bread but the sharing of enemies (307)." Nothing brings folk together like a common enemy. It's no big deal when people share prosperity together, but when two people have a mutual hate for someone, they team up and become best pals, all because they hate someone. Judge also says "I'd have loved you like a son." I don't know how the judge would treat his son, but I from the text, we can presume he would rape him, several times. Having the judge "love me like a son" is the last thing I want, or anyone would want.

When the kid is finally let out of jail, it's said he "was turned out into the streets." It makes him sound like a disease, not a person. Instead of just walking around, he is set loose, free to start trouble and kill and do whatever pleases himself. Whatever tickles his fancy.

The two hanged bodies (which turn out to be those of Toadvine and Brown) are said to be "effigies for to frighten birds." I read this aloud and turned it upside down and made sure I wasn't shuffling the words, but that's what it says. While it is a Neat-o simile, the syntax isn't making any sense (to me). "Effigies to frighten birds" would have been just fine. I don't understand the extra "for."

And lastly, the Chinese folk are described as having "speech like cats." It's funny. Because now that I think about it they do sound like cats. I don't have anything more to say on that. It's just funny. Here are some words:

cretin (I heard this word on Monsters Inc. but I wasn't exactly sure what it meant)

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